Enfasmart FeverSense Thermometer

$54.95 $69.95 saving $15.00
Enfasmart FeverSense Thermometer

Enfasmart FeverSense Thermometer

$54.95 $69.95 saving $15.00

FeverSense is a wearable thermometer that continuously tracks your child's temperature, to give you peace of mind. The flexible, comfortable monitor is positioned in your child's underarm area and wirelessly sends accurate, real-time temperature readings to your smart device. A viral fever can last 4-6 days. With FeverSense, you can track your child's temperature for up to 7 days on a single charge. If your child's temperature rises, the connected FeverSense app will alert you, so you can respond immediately. The app is compatible with a variety of iOS and Android™ smart devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Learn more about FeverSense - Download the manual.

  • Starter Kit Includes: Enfasmart FeverSense Monitor, Base Station, 8 Adhesive Patches, Instruction Manual
  • Ultra-sensitive sensors send temperature information to your smart device every 16 seconds
  • Accurate to within +/-0.3°F (+/-0.2°C)
  • Soft, flexible, biocompatible, BPA-free material comfortably fits kids 29 days and older
  • Monitor works up to 7 days without recharging
  • App is compatible with the latest iPhone® or iPad® models and a variety of Android™ devices
  • View the specifications

Getting Started with FeverSense

Meet feversense

FeverSense is a soft, wearable smart thermometer that continuously monitors your child’s temperature, sends readings right to your smart device, and alerts you of rising temperatures, to give you peace of mind.

Comfort for them, relief for you
The Monitor is comfortable for kids of 29 days and older, so it tracks their temperature without being bothersome.
Real-time alerts let you respond really fast
The FeverSense App immediately notifies you of high temperatures (>100.4 °F/38°C for ages 29 days to 3 years or >101.3 °F/38.5°C for 3+ years), so you can take action right away.
Keep an eye on their fever, day or night
Ultra-sensitive sensors are accurate to within +/-0.3°F (+/-0.2°C) and continuously track your child’s temperature with precision.
Readings straight to your fingertips
Your child’s temperature is sent via low-energy Bluetooth® directly to your smart device.
Follow their fever as it develops
Temperature trends are tracked inthe app, giving you deeper insight into your child’s fever over time.
Track medication and keep everyone informed
In-app journaling lets you document medicine amounts taken and share notes with family members and doctors, to determine the best care plan together.
Tech specs
Monitor is made from a soft, flexible material for maximum comfort
Battery component
Ultra-sensitive sensors are accurate to within +/-0.3°F (+/-0.2°C)
Embedded pads keep monitor battery charged
LED light indicator displays battery life
Charging pins connect batteryto the Monitor
Silicone based Adhesive Patchesare gentle on a child's skin
Convenient compartment stores additional Adhesive Patches
From the maker of Enfamil